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Advent Reflections by SIM East Asia


Advent is the period of four Sundays and weeks before Christmas (or sometimes from the 1st December to Christmas Day!). Advent means 'Coming' in Latin. This is the coming of Jesus into the world. Christians use the four Sundays and weeks of Advent to prepare and remember the real meaning of Christmas.

There are three meanings of 'coming' that Christians describe in Advent.

The first, and most thought of, happened about 2000 years ago when Jesus came into the world as a baby to live as a man and die for us.

The second can happen now as Jesus wants to come into our lives.

And the third will happen in the future when Jesus comes back to the world as King and Judge, not a baby.


There are several ways that Advent is counted down but the most common is by a calendar.  On each day of our Advent Calendar, a member of the SIM East Asia team will share a reflection/prayer.  Join us as we count down to Christmas.  

Design of Advent postcards: Faith Chen


25 December

25 FahYong Jo


24 December

24 Paul


23 December

23 Shirley


22 December

22 Foo Mun


21 December

21 Kim


20 December

20 Diane


19 December

19 Liang Meng


18 December

18 Lucy


17 December

17 Koh


16 December

16 Bettina


15 December

15 Yoke Ying


14 December

14 Phillip


13 December



12 December

12 Kelvin


11 December

11 Leonard


10 December

10 Wee Meng


9 December

9 Rosemary


8 December

8 Yee Koon


7 December

7 Irene


6 December

6 SiewChin


5 December

5 Debbie


4 December



3 December

3 SeeKimPohTing


2 December

2 Cecilia


1 December



Philippines Mission Centre increases reach


We give thanks for the growing number of missionaries serving in the country and being sent out from the Philippines.

Please pray we can raise sufficient funds to acquire a property. This will be used for operations support, training, member care and counselling of missionaries, meeting ministry needs into the future.

Please use #98389 when communicating with us about this project. Contact: 该Email地址已收到反垃圾邮件插件保护。要显示它您需要在浏览器中启用JavaScript。 .



SIM 国际事工差会热切关注尼泊尔这场破坏性严重的大地震。我们在尼泊尔的同工与其他机构合作协调所需要的救援工作,包括提供食物、清洁水源、帐篷、医药、运输和辅导等等。我们很感激世界各地人们的支援。 


预知详情请和我们联系,你可以发电邮到: 该Email地址已收到反垃圾邮件插件保护。要显示它您需要在浏览器中启用JavaScript。 (请注明询问项目编号:SIM's Disaster Relief Project #88600

Responding to unrest in Niger

5199 Niger Attacks 620x200

Attacks took place this past weekend in Niger on 16 and 17 Jan. Christian schools, churches and homes were burned and a SIM mission compound was part of the attack. More than 40 churches were affected.

In a country among the poorest in the world, the Nigerien Church will struggle to rebuild damaged churches, pastors’ homes, and ministry centers. SIM stands with our church partners in rebuilding what was destroyed and continuing to proclaim the love of Christ. 


These attacks have left believers in cities across Niger in a state of fear, pain and destruction. The violence has killed 10 Nigeriens, damanged millions of dollars of property and left a community stunned. 


How to Pray

  • Please pray for the people of Niger, that they wouldn't condone these acts and rather support their fellow Christian brothers and sisters in  rebuilding of their faith, personal belongings and health.
  • Pray that God would touch the hearts of those who committed these crimes and bring them closer to Him.
  • Pray that God will keep the hearts of the Christians affected by this disaster from retaliation. 

How to help

Please indicate project #97308 when communicating with us about this project.

Email 该Email地址已收到反垃圾邮件插件保护。要显示它您需要在浏览器中启用JavaScript。  for more info. 




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