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10 July 2014
  The first rumors of Ebola in Liberia began to seep into conversation in the middle of March. Before the month closed, there were cases being reported from Lofa, and papers all over the capital city carried headlines with “Ebola” in the title. As the situation grew more serious, ELWA Hospital prepared an isolation unit and prayed it would not be needed.  At first it seemed that the prayers had been answered. The outbreak experienced a short lull, and for a time there were no new con...


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23 July 2014
Mala first met Seema when she came to her shop. Crippled in her left leg by polio, Seema has difficulty walking. It’s not easy for Seema and her husband to provide for their three daughters on the small salary he earns as a truck driver. Seema knew she was entitled to benefits from their government such as free bus and rail travel, free wheelchairs, walking sticks and other aids, and special education. In addition, a certain percentage of government jobs are reserved for disabled people, and ...


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